Work Program

  1. Quality of Study Program
  2. Program Internationalization
  3. HR Competency
  4. Public Recognition of Academics' Thoughts
  5. Academic and non-academic achievements
  6. Students Graduating on Time
  7. Role of Alumni
  8. Green Faculty and Religious Environment
  9. Organizational Governance and Facilities Modernization
  10. Capitalization of Human Resources
  1. ISK MHES Preparation Coordination Meeting
  2. IH and MHK Reaccreditation Coordination Meeting
  3. Workshop / Consiyering of ACQUIN International Accreditation Forms for IH, HTN, and HES Study Programs
  4. Coordination Meeting
  5. Consortium lecturer discussion
  6. OBE Curriculum Workshop (Academic Development FGD)
  7. Collaboration with APSI/Peradi for student internship activities
  8. Guidance on accelerating studies for students of each study program
  9. FGD on Improving Academic and Non-Academic Services
  10. Coordination Meeting
  11. Coordination meeting of the Accreditation Implementation Team for Master of Law and Doctor of Sharia Science
  12. Alumni Meeting
  13. Coordination Meeting Establishment of alumni organization
  14. Career Nursery for Final Semester Students
  15. Content Production of Thought of the Academic Community in the field of sharia and law
  16. Signing of MoU and PKS (domestic and foreign cooperation)
  17. Preparation of LSP establishment document
  18. Strengthening the function of centers in the field of sharia and law
  19. Scopus Index Completion Preparation for Cita Hukum and Al-Iqthisad Journals
  20. Guidance on OJS Journal
  21. ICLJ 5th International Seminar
  22. Awarding Outstanding Lecturers
  23. Assistance with promotion proposals
  24. Employee hardskill and softskill competency training
  25. Free online legal proficiency training to the Community
  26. Smart classroom procurement
  27. E-letter
  28. Student activities
  29. Accompaniment of student competition activities
  30. Career assistance for graduates
  31. Legal proficiency training
  1. FGD on IH and MHK accreditation
  2. Implementation of domestic and international double degrees
  3. Consortium workshop
  4. Permata PTKIN Coordination
  5. Training of educators' skills and expertise
  6. Evaluation and revision of Business process maps and SOPs
  7. FGD of DPS and DPA
  8. Implementation of alumni endowment and alumni mentoring for graduate career development
  9. Coordination of Social Thinking Content production
  10. Manufacture of Production house
  11. Double degree cooperation, bench marking of teaching staff and students
  12. Double degree cooperation, exchange of lecturers, staff and students, foreign universities ranked 100 in the world
  13. Institutional coordination and evaluation
  14. Workshop on study center establishment
  15. Journal manager workshop
  16. Article writing workshop for students
  17. ICLJ
  18. Assessment of exemplary lecturers and employees
  19. Exchange lecturer
  20. PAK and SKP guidance
  21. JFT internship in Supervisory unit
  22. FSH Legal consultation service
  23. Improving the Quality of Religious Moderation in the FSH Environment
  24. Smart room class 1
  25. Preparation for ANRI's Skrikandi Implementation
  26. Student Exchange
  27. Tracer of students' non-academic achievements
  28. Development of students' non-academic competencies
  29. Student competition mentoring
  30. Overseas Student Conference
  31. Socialization of student and alumni talent specialization
  32. Career employee exam skills training
  33. Alumni user satisfaction tracer
  34. Sharia Laboratory Training, Internship/Internship
  35. Entrepreneurship guidance
  36. Religious moderation seminar