About Faculty of Sharia and Law Syarif Hidayatullah Islamic University Jakarta

Vision, Mission, Goals, and Motto


"To be a beacon of excellence in the study, development, and integration of Sharia and law sciences based on the value of Islam, humanity, and Indonesia in the Southeast Asian region in 2024."


  • To implement integrative education and teaching in sharia and law sciences theoretically and practically;
  • To conduct research and community service in sharia and law based on the value of moderate Islam, humanity, and Indonesia.
  • To prepare students with excellent competency in sharia and law sciences in line with the needs of sharia and law professions.
  • To organize Tridharma-based governance based on good principles of university governance with support from competent and professional educators and staff.
  • To develop national and international cooperation with state-based institutions, private sectors, universities, and businesses.



FSH is Our Pride: Piety, Integrity, Eminence, and Excellent Service